Saturday Jan. 20th and Sunday Jan. 21st 2023 – Vancouver, BC

Curated Mayhem

An Art Show Of Questionable Art

Curator Mark Bloom brings you the oddest collection of original works of Art, all found in the Thrift Stores, Swap Meets, Yard Sales and dumpsters of America. Nothing altered, nothing added, other than a title that may (or may not) be appropriate.

Every painting for sale is a REAL piece of ART! Nothing made by ai or mass produced in a factory somewhere. Not a virtual thing you pay for in virtual money and gaze at on your phone. It’s all real art, created by human beings that sometimes, maybe, could have tried a little bit harder, but at least they had hearts and souls and minds and a solid determination to express themselves in a rich variety of creative, colorful and interesting ways.

The show will take place in the basement of a house known locally as Stump Monster House, at 549 East 10th. Avenue, Vancouver BC

 We’ll be open from 6pm-9pm on Saturday Jan.. 20th and from 10pm-2pm on Sunday Jan.21st.

549 East 10th. Avenue, Vancouver BC V5T 2A3


“The art world is the biggest joke going. It’s a rest home for the overprivileged, the pretentious, and the weak”


Artist (living-presumably)