art shows


I began curating art shows in 2014, featuring the discarded art I discover in thrift stores, swap meets, dumpsters and yard sales. In partnership with a friend, we call these shows  ‘Tales From The Trash’, a reference to the idea that at one time the artwork we discover has been abandoned, donated, sold or literally thrown away.

Rarely do these abandoned paintings have titles, so they are given a name we feel is appropriate (or, at times, inappropriate) We display about 300 original works of art, all for sale, apart from a selection of pieces from The Permanent Collection.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing Art Shows is witnessing peoples’ reactions to so many paintings, each one very different from the one hanging next to it, with no cohesive theme or style, other than where they came from.

The art shows are extremely popular, attracting large crowds of people who enjoy experiencing strange amateur art in an environment where there is no judgement on what is, or is not, considered ‘Art’. If I like it for some reason, it can be in the show.

BERLIN 2023: Bringing An Art Show Of Questionable Art into the heart of Europe 

LONDON: Finally, a legitimate “International Art Dealer Of Questionable Art”

TUCSON: Where it all started

BISBEE: A home from home

LOBO, TEXAS: A Ghost Town in the middle of nowhere

JOSHUA TREE: Magic in the high desert

“The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you’re an artist”

David Hockney

Artist (living)