Curated Mayhem is a comfy place to share my passion for the unsung heroes of art: the weird & wonderful, the lovable & laughable, the pretty & putrid, the comforting & uncomfortable, the unique & unbelievable, the sublime & ridiculous.

All the artworks are presented exactly as found. Occasional small holes or tears in canvases are signs of a life journey and should not be hidden. These paintings have had both adventures and probably misadventures. My only contribution is the addition of a title I feel is appropriate to the piece, or maybe it’s sometimes inappropriate.

This genre of art has been labeled as Outsider Art, Amateur Art, Art Brut, Primitive Art, Folk Art or just plain old Bad Art. I don’t consider myself a critic, it’s not my job to tell somebody else what they should or shouldn’t like, or give it a handy label.

Because Art is too important to just have one convenient label.

WHAT: 100 original paintings created by 100 different artists found in the thrift stores of America. Each has a unique vision and something to say. I just don’t always know what, and it doesn’t matter. (Almost) every original painting will be for sale, so you can own a priceless treasure from America without the need to actually visit America.

WHEN: Thursday May 30th – Sunday June 2nd. 

HOURS: Opening reception May 30th 18:00 – 21:00 + daily 12:00 – 18:00

WHERE: Studio 1:1  57a Redchurch St. Shoreditch, London E2 7DJ

WHY: Why the hell not?