Berlin Ketwurst Weekender Bag


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Ketwurst. It’s a Berlin Hot Dog. “Ketwurst” comes from combining Ketchup and Wurst (German for ‘sausage’) into a handy, mouth-sized food product.

Its preparation involves the heating of a special Bockwurst, larger than regular hot dogs, in water. A long roll is pierced by a hot metal cylinder, which creates an appropriate sized hole. The sausage is then dunked in ketchup and put inside of the roll.

The Ketwurst was invented at the State Gastronomical Research Center around the year 1977, which happens to be the same year ‘Smokey And The Bandit’ was released.

I took the photograph of the Ketwurst Mural in Berlin and I think everything is somehow connected.

Our oversized Weekender Tote is perfect for your weekend at the beach or in town The wide-mouthed, durable bag holds a generous amount of personal items and is easily held by its thick rope handles.

  • 100% Spun Polyester
  • T-bottom
  • Laminated lining
  • SIZE: L 24″ x W 13″ x D 5.5″


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