‘Future Bitch’ Greeting Cards


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‘Future Bitch’ was a painting found by a friend at a yard sale. The title was provided by the friend, and she’s a woman, so it seemed ok to use it. And it’s just too perfect, anyway.

“Made of durable material to keep memories for longer”

These Greeting Cards are completely blank inside, so there’s plenty of room to write* anything you want, so long as your handwriting isn’t really, really big. If you do have really, really big handwriting you might be limited to a traditional message like Thank You, Get Well Soon, Get Well Soon or I Love You.
8 cards and 8 envelopes (1 each) for sending the old-fashioned, but still very much appreciated way.

*Pen not included


  • Bright white, matte finish
  • 8 pieces per order
  • Envelopes included

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