Nosferatu Hooded Blanket


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”Blanket, cape, or perfect fashion statement?”

I’m not really sure why this exists or how you wear it with a straight face. And I’m not even sure if ‘wear’ is the right term. It’s more of a ‘wrap’ thing. Or maybe you ‘embrace’ it’? Or does it embrace you?
Whatever you do with it, it’s “water absorbing” so you’re probably good by the pool, beach, lake or bathtub.

Get our hooded blanket in your life! It’s lightweight, durable and very easy to clean. Be the life of the party or campfire with custom hooded fleece blanket!

  • 95% Polyester 3% Viscose 2% Spandex
  • One side print
  • Water absorbing


Dryclean; Iron, steam or dry: low heat; Tumble dry: low heat; Non-chlorine: bleach as needed; Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F)

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